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Welcome to Charlizee, where we discuss games of all kinds. Games are our passion which is why we put this site together. Whether you are a new-coming gamer or a player from the old school, we hope that you find our information both useful and entertaining.Here on our site, you will find information and reviews on a wide variety of games; from PC games to strategy board games and everything in between. We will cover all the best titles, brands and players around right now, and hopefully, we will help you discover a new world that you can immerse yourself into or a new level of competition that you never thought possible.One thing that you will definitely see here is which of the industry’s AAA titles are the best and worth the time and money that they ask of their players. While 60 euros may not seem like a lot of money for a game that you will spend hours playing, it’s enough to wonder if you should be spending it. In our experience, some titles are far more worth their price than others and we will do our best to give you suggestions for great games that are worth their price.Strategies and guides will become a focus as well for some of our favourite titles. You can be sure, though, that you will not ever get any spoilers from us. Again, we would like to welcome you to our site and we hope that you enjoy your visit.