Casino Strategies – real or fake?

Many people think of the casino as a place where you can play games of pure chance, chasing the unlikely dream of winning a big jackpot. Certainly, on the surface, roulette and slot machines are based on random odds – typically in favour of the house (slots are known to provide around 70% of a casino’s income). Other games such as variations of poker are known to feature a certain amount of skill when it comes to playing against other people, where elements such as bluffing may come into play in determining who walks away the victor. However, having your own strategy for casino play can go a long way to ensuring you don’t end up losing a lot more money than you’d like, and may in fact help you leave with some kind of profit. There are various roulette strategies utilised by players with this very aim, a personal favourite being Oscar’s Grind, which aims to generate a guaranteed small profit rather than chasing larger wins at longer odds. There are other casino strategies players may use for various games, though they require a decent amount of experience and knowledge to be effective. Card counting is famous (or infamous, as casinos may consider it) and often mythologised when it comes to Blackjack. This requires a grasp of gambling mathematics, knowledge of which can also be helpful when playing dice games like Craps or even when spinning the roulette wheel. Another common strategy for turning a profit is bonus hunting, whereby turning a profit may be determined as mathematically possible due to casino and poker room bonuses. It sounds easy but requires adequate experience to be viable. When considering whether casino strategies are ‘real’ or ‘fake’, an honest answer is; it’s not that simple. They are real, but only if you do your homework first, and it’s important to remember there are no sure-fire strategies for winning the elusive jackpot.