Great AAA Titles to Play Right Now

Our favourite games are those which make us forget that we are playing a game. Captivating a player isn’t an easy thing to do to, but when it happens there is something magical about it. We have put together a list of titles that are all about pulling the player in, and we think that they do a great job at doing just that.

Call of Duty: WWII

Call of Duty: WWII is clearly one of the best shooters around right now. For the past few generations of the game, the developers decided to go the modern route which has had mixed feedback. Going back to the company’s roots has done a lot to bring back estranged players who couldn’t handle the shift in theme. If you want a gripping story, world-class multiplayer and some of the best shooter mechanics modern games have to offer, give Call of Duty: WWII a try.


Following up on one of the most successful football games in history, FIFA 18 is simply riveting. The graphics have never been better and the play mechanics have improved dramatically making the experience one to suck you right in. Apart from the games appearance, this title also has a deeper career mode than its predecessors, and the online play is also better at matchmaking. If you are in to football, this is the best game you can play right now.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

Horizon: Zero Dawn is an incredible game that will capture your imagination completely. The vast world, full of all manner of creatures, beautiful scenery and freedom of choice is simply astonishing. The incredible graphics aren’t the only thing that pulls you in, either. The story is deep and the fights are hard making this a title that will keep you busy for a long, long time.

Final Thoughts

The list of great games to play seems endless once you start getting into searching for the best titles to play, but the games mentioned here is a good place to start if you don’t already have a to-play list going.